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Homework 05: Version Control (Git)

Homework Update

Run git pull to grab the latest homework. (Now you know what git pull is actually doing!)

Required Questions

  1. Let’s do a git merge ourselves. There’s a file called that’s currently broken. We have some changes that we’d like to merge in from the fizzbuzz_fix_five branch, but it seems like we have a merge conflict! Help us merge these changes in and submit
  2. Find the most recent commit that modified setup.cfg of this (homework) repository. Put this in line 1 of commits. Then find its parent commit. Put this in line 2 of commits.
  3. We have a git repo that’s unfortunately been corrupted. We originally had two commits, but we accidentally git reset --hard HEAD~1, meaning we lost that commit. You can see the server here: (You can issue git clone against this link to download the data, but note that the solution might not exist in your cloned version.) With your new-found skills, please help us recover the data! Submit answer when you find it. (The file should be in the format of CS198{...}.)

    Hint: You may find this useful!

Submit, commits, and answer>